Asset Management

Asset Management Services offers you personalized fee-based investment solutions. Our Financial/Investment Advisors work with you to consider your investment objectives, tolerance for risk, and other personal factors, before deciding together on the program that's best suited for you.

Partners Program

Our Partners Program offers you a personalized, professionally managed investment solution. We combine the skills of our leading international Portfolio Managers and the expertise of our Financial/Investment Advisors so that daily market fluctuations affecting your investments are addressed by a team of trusted professionals.

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Viridian Account

Viridian allows you to pay a monthly fee based on the value of your account, instead of paying individual commissions per trade. With this amount of freedom, you have the opportunity to eliminate under-performing investments, re-allocate assets, and make similar portfolio adjustments, in order to achieve optimal investment returns.

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Private Investment Management Group

We are one of the few organizations in Canada authorized to provide complete discretionary portfolio management to our clients. The distinguished Portfolio Manager designation is reserved only for those of our advisors who have attained the highest standards of training and experience in the financial industry. We act to fulfill your investment objectives on your behalf, building a portfolio to suit your needs and adjusting it as necessary.

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