Equity Syndicate Department

The Equity Syndicate Department coordinates marketing, distribution, pricing, and stabilization of Raymond James' managed equity offerings. Our marketing objective is to generate strong demand through four broad distribution channels:

  • Retail Network of RJL Financial Advisors
    Close to 500 Financial/Investment Advisors
  • Domestic Institutional Investors
    More than 400 active domestic accounts.
  • International Institutional Investors
    More than 1,800 active international accounts that invest in Canadian and U.S. Securities.
  • Syndicate Group of Firms

Raymond James' Advisors and institutional salespeople seek potential shareholders with long-term investment strategies to invest in our offerings. When forming a syndicate group, we seek to:

  • Broaden awareness of the issuing company through our distribution capabilities;
  • Include syndicate members that have the potential to become additional market makers, and commit to provide research coverage;
  • Work with company management teams to strategically price each offering in the best interest of the issuing company and its new retail and institutional investors; and
  • Continue the relationship with the issuing company post-offering.

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