Supporting Services

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Beyond managing your portfolio, we offer a suite of services that helps give us a broader view of your financial life, and enables us to develop strategies to complement your investments.

Tax & Legacy Planning

Death and taxes are a fact of life. We focus on the long-term multi generational sustainability of our clients’ wealth to help them realize the full value of their efforts. We identify legitimate tax and legacy strategies, including charitable giving, to help minimize expenses and taxes during their lifetime and beyond.

Life Event Planning

Lives are constantly evolving, and we need to adapt by making fact-based, logical decisions. Health, education, career, family, shelter, business, retirement, hobbies, pets and community are examples of the many facets of life to be considered. We help people realize the financial implications of their life events, and empower them to make smarter decisions.

Protection Planning

Occurrences such as births, deaths, illness, disability and major relationship events can be stressful and life-changing. We help people evaluate their options and priorities so they can mitigate or insure the associated financial risk. Protecting assets provides peace of mind and enables people to lead dignified and productive lives.